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Dated: September 15 2021

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Delray Beach is a small town, but it packs quite the punch. It's also home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Florida. There are five things you didn't know about Delray Beach, Florida that will make you want to visit this hidden gem for yourself. Away from all major highways, Delray Beach has an intimate feel that makes it perfect for families and couples looking for privacy during their vacation. With ample room on its beautiful white sand beaches, Delray Beach is ideal for surfers who enjoy catching waves on long boards or body surfing in the shallows with friends and family members of all ages! Read on to learn more or check out this VIDEO to watch us talk about 5 things you probably didn’t know about Delray Beach.

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When one thinks of Delray Beach, Florida they usually associate it with the word "Retirement" and "55 and over." While Delray Beach is known for its 55+ retirement communities, did you know it's also known for it’s younger population as well! While West Delray Beach is home to Kings Point and Century Village, it’s also home to Pineapple Grove and many brand new apartments near and along Atlantic Avenue. Known as “The Ave”, its home to many trendy restaurants, bars and stores.

Did you know Delray Beach is known for its local artists? For all you art lovers out there, Delray Beach has a number of Galleries to choose from and a small community located in Artists Alley, were they hold an Art Walk the First Friday of every month from 6-9pm. Guests can meet the artists and purchase their work. Delray Beach is also home to The Arts Garage, where they show case many local artists work as well and hold monthly events. This awesome venue consists of the Stuart & Shelby Theatre and Grassroots Gallery, which are both located in a garage situated at the corner of NE 2nd Avenue and NE 1st Street. It lies just over a block north of Atlantic Avenue in the heart of downtown Delray Beach. 

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Did you know Delray Beach is known for its history and has a historical society as well as Museum? There is a historic downtown area, where you can view all the  beautiful historic homes and charm. The Delray Beach Historical Society hosts many lovely events throughout the year as well. Did you know that the first settlers came to Delray Beach in the late 1800s to farm? They had heard about great soil and water. The Delray Beach Historical Society calls them "adventurous souls who battled the heat... and snakes. This was unchartered territory." Pineapple fields gave way to tomatoes, and flowers were a big thing at one point, too. The town of Delray was incorporated in 1911. The land west of the Intracoastal was incorporated as Delray Beach in 1923. The two merged in 1927 to become the city of Delray Beach.

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Did you know Delray Beach is home to one of the few Pinball Museums in the US? The Pinball Hall of Fame, is a wondrous, old-school spot right in the middle of downtown Delray. With some 150 machines of all shapes and sizes lighting up the interior, special events, a full menu and drink list, and even a pinball machine repair center, Silverball is a trip down nostalgia street.

Photo from http://bobsbeerblog.com/2017/04/16/saltwater-brewery-delray-beach-fl-usa/

Did you know Delray Beach is home to it’s very own craft beer Microbrewery? Located right off the I-95 on the Westside of the highway, The Saltwater Brewery makes fresh local beer each and every day. The brewery was founded in December 2013 by a team of local Floridians. Saltwater Brewery is Delray Beach's first local production microbrewery, with a tasting room and beer garden onsite. Using only pure and natural ingredients, each style of handcrafted beer and corresponding name is inspired by the ocean to reflect the lifestyle and passion of the Founders. 

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