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Dated: July 28 2021

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Downsizing is hard for everyone. Whether you're a family with young kids, or an empty nester looking to downsize from your too-large home, there are many factors that go into the decision of whether or not to move. Keep reading to take a look at some questions you may want to ask yourself before making this big decision or you can check out this VIDEO where we talk about it as well!

Why and when should you downsize your home?

People downsize for multiple reasons. While for some, it may be an empty nest and a house that requires too much upkeep, for some, it may be loneliness, divorce, accessibility, or the loss of a loved one that pushes the move.

You can downsize whenever you want, but it's worth doing some research into where you want to live, what kind of property you would appreciate, and being realistic about how much you own.

Some people intend to downsize but can be shocked by how much stuff they've collected over the years in their homes. Before you start moving, you should work out what you want to keep. If you can donate or trash anything, do so before you even consider putting your home on the market.

If you live out of state and don't want to or cannot make the numerous trips back on your vacation time, personal time, and holiday time to downsize, I suggest hiring professionals and directing them to what you want to keep, move, sell and donate. There are plenty of individuals and companies that can help you.

As a realtor in Boca, I have considerable experience working on downsizing. If you got any questions, don't hesitate to call- we're ready to consult you 24/7!

And here's some excellent news. You can find professionals out there that can help you coordinate all the "moving" pieces to your cleanout, downsize, and the actual move.

Where do you begin?

First of all, come up with a game plan that works for you and some goals regarding selling, like time frame, where you want to go, how much you want to spend, and what will make you happy.

Make sure to communicate with your family and friends about your move. Believe me, at some moments, you will want to share your plans with people you know. You will learn the right time to do this.

Don't take everything in your hands. Make sure to consult with someone you trust to help with me any time placement companies for independent and assisted living, move managers who will assist you packing up, car shipping companies, moving companies, estate, probate, and elder law attorneys, CPAs, and financial planners, and even contractors.

Taste and styles differ and change, so don't get your feelings hurt if no one likes or want household possesions. Non-profits won't take everything either. They only resell items they assume will need to be in decent condition. So, like I have mentioned before, keep what you want to keep. Give away something to friends and family, donate what you can and trash anything else.

Also, consider staging your home to sell it. Many agents can assist with this merely by moving a few pieces of furniture around and decluttering your counters, throwing away stuff like silk plants, broken items, and clutter. One secret tip - you can always pick up things at a local thrift store or HomeGoods to give your home an inexpensive fresh look!

Finally, we do work with probate real estate situations involving a home sale. This is usually a devastating time for families and friends. If you are chosen to be the personal representative, the extra stress of preparing and selling real estate is even more severe. Knowing a trusted source to handle all of the details can really help out in times like these.

I will always repeat that - don't do it alone. Let people more organized and do this everyday offer their support. Reach out to professionals like Team 22 Realty, who can develop a game plan with you, whether for yourself or your family member.

What are the advantages of downsizing?

There are many advantages of downsizing your home. First of all, if you've been in your current home for some time, it's probably increased in value, and you may be close to paying off your mortgage if you haven't paid it off already.

Buying a smaller, cheaper property will give you a lot of equity to use for whatever you wish. It also suggests you can buy your new home as a cash buyer, offering you more options, a faster chain, and the ability to live mortgage-free.

Downsizing to a smaller home is less upkeep, lower bills, less work, and more time to do the things you really love. It's an intelligent move in saving both money and time.

If you are downsizing for later life, it means you can choose a property that will be better prepared for your needs as you get older. Instead of having to fight with your stairs, limited accessibility, or a large garden requiring maintenance, you can choose a property that can work for you.

Why wouldn't you downsize? What are the disadvantages?

Many people get used to a home of a specific size and space, and perhaps nothing they look at really appeals to them. After years of aiming for more and more space, it can be challenging to decide to move somewhere smaller. Maybe everything seems poky, clunky or you can't imagine how you could ever fit all your stuff into a smaller home. It's natural to be resistant.

There's no real need to downsize if you really think about it, but it truly can offer a greater quality of life with all the cash you make from the sale.

Thanks for reading all the way to the end! We’ve talked about a bunch of reasons to downsize and not to downsize your home, and some practical steps you can take. If downsizing is something that interests you or if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. Please don't hesitate to CONTACT US, we're happy to help answer anything we can - after all it's what we do every day. Make sure to check out our YouTube channel for more helpful tips and to learn all about Living in South Florida


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