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Dated: August 18 2021

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You might be asking yourself, "Should I move to South Florida?" Well you are not alone. There is a lot of mixed opinions on the subject and it's hard to know what to believe. Some people say that living in South Florida has its perks- like no state income tax and plenty of sunshine- while others warn it can be tough if you have any allergies or asthma because there is so much mold in the air year round. 

But whether you're looking for sunnier days or just want a change in scenery, these pros and cons will help you decide whether moving to South Florida would be right for your family!

Keep reading to take a look at some of the Pros and Cons before making a big decision or you can check out this VIDEO where we talk about it as well!


Florida is known for its beautiful beaches, amusement parks, year-round tropical climate, travel destinations and so much more. With it being the third fastest-growing state by population in the US, there MUST be a solid reason why so many people are moving here, right? Well, here’s a few of my top reasons that I’d love to share: 

The Weather

First of all, our tropical climate is favored year-round. As well as just always being more pleasant, you can always plan an outdoor get together or outing knowing that the weather will most likely be ok. 

No Snow!

There's never a need to shovel your place from snow in the winter season! There’s no ice on your car to scrape or no need to wear thick layers anymore. We pretty much never have to worry about it getting below 60, except for maybe 2 weeks out of the year.  

No State Property Tax 

All we have for property taxes here is County taxes. They range from county to county but you can expect to pay a little less than 2% IF you homestead your property.  


In Florida, we have over 600 miles of beaches and more than 150 state parks to visit. Even if you live a little inland, the coastline is never more than 65 miles away! Every beach has a different style and flavor to them. Leave a comment down below ‘which beach YOU think we should feature!’ 


Florida is one of the best places for yachting, sailing, diving, swimming, or any water activity, thanks to the warm waters we haveIts a boaters and water lovers dream to say the least. There is always a boat meet up happening on the weekends at places like Peanut Island or Lake Boca or somewhere to go for snorkeling and diving like in Deerfield or Juno and don’t forget about fishing. The water fun never stops here.

Golf & Tennis

If you love golf and tennis, South Florida is known for some of the best courses and courts out thereThe Delray Beach open is an ATP World Tour 250 series for men’s professional series that’s held every year and we also have many Pro’s who give lessons at some of the Membership Clubs and nieghborhoods around town. In Palm Beach Gardens we have the PGA National which is a Champion Golf Course and home to the PGA-Tour. And if that’s not available you can always try one of the other 100’s of courses we have to offer.


There are plenty of theme parks to choose from, all of them being about a 3-5 hour drive from South Florida. Some of my favorites are Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, and of course Walt Disney World. You can stay for a week or even just a day, you will never get bored of South Florida theme parks.


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